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ShiroBliss V7 Shirodhara system logo
ShiroBliss V7

The “V7” model has proved itself reliable over years of service in high-traffic, quality-minded spas. Quiet, safe and beautiful…

ShiroBliss Elite Shirodhara system logo
ShiroBliss Elite

The V7 and Elite share the same reliable hardware.  The difference is that the Elite has features that allow self-administration, namely an "Auto-Off" function and a remote control.  Additionally, the display on the Elite is more complete: it shows the time, the elapsed time, the current oil temperature and the target temperature.   (The display on the V7 only shows the current temperature.) 

Elite allows self-administration

Elite allows self-administration

Elite's remote control keyfob and menu to set "Auto-Off" time (max 99 min)

Elite's Display

Elite's Display

Elite's Display shows time, temperature, elapsed time and target temperature

V7's Display

V7's Display

Shows current temperature (target temperature displayed during adjustment)

Features (Both Models) 
Shirodhara bowl & adjustable stand
Valve adjusts flow without disturbing upper bowl.
Shirodhara stand holding pot
Armature height adjusts easily – locks into place
Automatic Shirdhara system adjustable stand and pot
Unique hanger design minimizes unwanted swinging – yet allows complete freedom of movement.
Shirodhara pot for automatic ayurvedic treatment
Hose held securely in upper bowl allowing freedom to move the bowl anywhere on client.
ayruvedic system casters
Four casters allow system to be rolled
Shirodhara system and bed for ayurvedic therapy
Pot in warm-up position: allows system to run, fully warm-up and be moved into place without splashing oil
Adjustable shirodhara system height comparison
Height of the lower bowl can be adjusted to minimize fall of oil from ShiroPillow back to the lower bowl.
adjustable shirodhara stand height comparison
Height of the upper bowl above the client can be adjusted.  At full extension, the arm can be used to suspend a basti bag.
shirodhara system width and depth
Top of box slightly overhangs the side dimensions, which are 12" x 12"
protective door for automatic shirodhara equipment
Door protects controls for safe travel

Other Features

Smart Temperature Control


ShiroBliss uses a sophisticated temperature control system that holds the desired temperature to within a few degrees without therapist intervention. The system accommodates different room temperatures, or sudden changes like the addition of cold oil. Systems without temperature control can get dangerously hot if not monitored continuously. ShiroBliss allows the user to specify the exact desired oil temperature up to a safe maximum of 108 F. It is a “set and forget” system that allows the practitioner to focus on the client.  



Legs can be removed. Armature disassembles into 2 pieces. The ShiroBliss weighs only 28 pounds, making it easy to lift when loading and unloading.

Safe Materials


No aluminum. Food and/or medical grade tubes and components.  Bamboo is FSC compliant

Silent Operation


“Is it on?” The ShiroBliss operates silently, allowing the client to receive treatment without distraction

Simple Controls


One switch for the heater, one for the pump. Two buttons raise or lower the temperature. The ShiroBliss brings oil to temperature in approximately twelve (12) minutes.  (for safety, max temperature is 108 F)

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ShiroBliss Elite digital oil temperture display

Administering Shirodhara without an “automatic” system requires patience, focus, skill, experience…  and perhaps a little luck. First, a quantity of oil is heated to the desired temperature then manually ladled into the upper bowl.  The resulting stream is directed  onto the client’s forehead in the prescribed pattern.   Simultaneously and in silence, the practitioner repeatedly refills the upper vessel, maintains the oil temperature and controls the oil returning to the lower vessel to prevent spills. On top of that, the healer ideally maintains a meditative, healing energy space for the client.  While Shirodhara is said to “reduce headaches and expand awareness” for the client, it is easy to understand why in practice, it rarely has this effect on the practitioner!

The Shirobliss system provides for “automatic” control of the oil temperature and silent re-circulation of oil.  This frees the practitioner to simply direct the oil stream and focus deeply on the client.  ShiroBliss’s elegance and functionality simplifies Shirodhara administration so that it can be done by anyone.  In fact, the “Elite” model allows for self-administration of the therapy!

Automatic Vs Manual
Automatic Vs. Manual
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