Models & Features


ShiroBliss V7

The “V7” model has proved itself reliable over years of service in high-traffic, quality-minded spas. Quiet, safe and beautiful…

ShiroBliss Elite

The V7 and Elite share the same reliable hardware.  The difference is that the Elite has features that allow self-administration, namely an "Auto-Off" function and a Remote control.  Additionally, the display on the Elite is more complete: it shows the time, the elapsed time, the current oil temperature and the target temperature.   (The display on the V7 only shows the current temperature.) 

Model Comparison

The “V7” display shows the current temperature.
The Elite display is more complete, showing the time, the elapsed time and both the current and target temperatures

The Elite has features that allow self-administration: A remote keyfob for the pump, and an internal timer that will turn off the pump after the desired number of minutes

The “V7” has basic, easy-to-use temperature setting controls
The Elite has the same simple controls but with added timer functionality


Valve adjusts flow without disturbing upper bowl.
Armature height adjusts easily – locks into place
Unique hanger design minimizes unwanted swinging – yet allows complete freedom of movement.
Hose held securely in upper bowl allowing freedom to move the bowl anywhere on client.
Four casters allow system to be rolled
Lower bowl-hang position allows system to run, fully warm-up and be moved into place without splashing oil
Height of the lower bowl can be adjusted to minimize fall of oil from ShiroPillow back to the lower bowl.
Height of the upper bowl above the client can be adjusted.  At full extension, the arm can be used to suspend a basti bag.
Door protects controls for safe travel

Other Features

Smart Temperature Control


ShiroBliss uses a sophisticated temperature control system that holds the desired temperature to within a few degrees without therapist intervention. The system accommodates different room temperatures, or sudden changes like the addition of cold oil. Systems without temperature control can get dangerously hot if not monitored continuously. ShiroBliss allows the user to specify the exact desired oil temperature. It is a “set and forget” system that allows the practitioner to focus on the client.



Legs can be removed. Armature disassembles into 2 pieces. The ShiroBliss weighs only 28 pounds, making it easy to lift when loading and unloading.

Safe Materials


No aluminum. Food and/or medical grade tubes and components.  Bamboo is FSC compliant

Silent Operation


“Is it on?” The ShiroBliss operates silently, allowing the client to receive treatment without distraction

Simple Controls


One switch for the heater, one for the pump. Two buttons raise or lower the temperature. The ShiroBliss brings oil to temperature in approximately twelve (12) minutes

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