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Out of stock! We are updating the design to a new exciting look and even better performance.  Reserve yours today!


Our newest model is based on a more classic look.  Each of it's components (modules) is mounted on the vertical stand, but can be purchased separately if desired.


The stand: Extremely sturdy foundation for all other components. The arm adjusts in height, swivels and allows the bowl to slide for accurate placement. Can roll into place.


Oil Collection: The revolutionary “ShiroBasin”: Unbelievably comfortable! - keeps the head upright - superior oil control (oil drains into a tube) - Can be used with ANY shirodhara system - components do not degrade with use - Removable basin for cleaning - Comes with adjustable neck support pillow - Rim can be used as an elbow rest for repetitive oil patterns.


The Pump/Heater Module: The “heart” of a fully automatic system - creates continuously flowing oil at precise temperatures - Virtually noiseless.  Touch controls for easy cleanup and long life.  Digital display, touch controls and "smart" temperature regulation.  Drains completely of oil using drain valve at bottom.


INCLUDES 1 ShiroMat, 3 mesh "hammocks" for head support and 3 mesh basin bags to eliminate dripping noise and filter hair

Informal video tour: HERE


          Please read about our manufacturing ‎ cycles for current lead times.  A Reservation/Deposit  can be made with this link.

          Flat rate shipping to continental US.

          Request quote for other destinations.

Custom graving is available - add $200.


The Essence

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