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Why ShiroBliss?

Why ShiroBliss?

What Makes Us Different

Simply put, the ShiroBliss team is dedicated to providing a system that our clients will LOVE to use.

For us, this means thousands of hours considering each aspect of an automatic shirodhara system in order to optimize feel, function, ease-of-use, reliability and safety.


For you, it means a beautiful tool that performs seamlessly day-in and day-out.

Our designs have both the practitioner and the client in mind. Precise temperature regulation, easy clean-up and feather quiet operation make our Shirodhara systems a joy to work with. Choosing the ShiroBliss is a commitment to excellence and a new standard in quality and performance.

About Us
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About Us

The Automatic ShiroBliss Shirodhara System was created in 2007 by Rick Sanger for Suzanne, an Ayurvedic Practitioner and therapist. Suzanne needed Shirodhara equipment that could travel well, was attractive, versatile, automatic, reliable and performed flawlessly.   At the time, nothing on the market met her needs. Rick, an inventor and engineer set himself to the process of design and creation. Thus, the ShiroBliss was born – and so was a new family, as Suzanne and Rick were married 2 years later!

Since 2007, the ShiroBliss team has grown to include a bright and enthusiastic group of dedicated Ayurvedic Practitioners and artisans who are committed to providing the best tools for administering Ayurveda in a modern world.   We’ve been working for over 8 years to provide this wonderful product and continue to think and rethink how to make it better and provide new offerings to the Ayurvedic Therapist community.  We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor!

“We’ve used local artisans, craftspeople and contractors since inception in 2010”
A Note for Discerning Shoppers
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A Note for Discerning Shoppers

To be candid – I’ve been obsessing on this system for about 8 years.  I’ve thought through every aspect – the pros & cons – how to make it easy to use – how to make it quiet.  And like any engineer/artist, I am my own worst critic.  But I am now convinced that this system is easily the best on the market – the highest quality, the best thought-out, the most carefully crafted.  No question.

Additionally, many of the features simply aren’t available in any other system.  For example:

  • The system allows the user to specify the exact desired target temperature. Set & forget. There is no need to adjust a knob if the room is a little colder than usual. It uses a “PID” temperature control system similar to that used in industrial processes – much more sophisticated than a simple thermostat which has inherent fluctuations.

  • The system allows for flow rate adjustment during therapies without any disturbance to the upper bowl (no fussing with a valve that is attached to the upper bowl, or worse yet, hidden under the lower bowl)

  • Ability to adjust lower bowl height to minimize “oil drop” from the client’s head to the collection bowl.

  • Anti-pendulum system: the upper bowl can be moved freely, but will not “swing” by itself. When you are ready to let go, it will stay where you leave it!

  • Safe. Safe. Safe. The system has redundant temperature limiting systems.

I hope this helps you in your search for your next Shirodhara System.
-Rick Sanger, April 2015

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