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The ShiroBliss team recognizes that all things in this world need a little tune up from time to time – 

so we’ve created the Basic Cleaning and Maintenance Service.  Send us your ShiroBliss and we’ll open it up, replace the internal and external tubing and give it some first-rate Tender Loving Care.  While it’s with us, we’ll assess what, if anything, might need replaced and call you with a quote for parts and labor.  If we can upgrade anything, we’ll let you know that too!

Use the "Contact" page for packing instructions.  We’ll guide you in shipping your machine to us. 

Shipping: You ship to us, we charge flat rate of $75 to return (continental u.s.a)

CONTACT us with questions.

Here’s what one ShiroBliss User has to say about the service:

“I am an Ayurvedic Practitioner and have a full-time practice.  I invested in a ShiroBliss in 2009 and have never thought twice about it!  My machine is reliable, quiet, and the temperature is amazingly consistent. It has more than paid for itself!  After 3 years of steady use (on average I use my machine at least 5x a week), I sent my machine back for a little TLC.  I was pleasantly surprised that you were able to clean and restore it so quickly.  I used my machine today, and it is even better than before, I LOVE the upgrades!  I feel confident in your services and thank you for your support!  You have a customer for life.  Thanks!”
Tona Leiseth, Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist

Cleaning and Maintenance

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