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Easeful, Elegant


Spa-Quality Automatic Shirodhara Equipment for exquisite ayurvedic treatments.
Exceptional customer satisfaction.
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Shirodhara System Features

  • Warms oil to desired temperature

  • Feather-quiet oil circulation

  • “Smart” temperature control

  • Simple setup and cleanup

  • Fully adjustable

  • Conserves oil use



We have been loving our ShiroBliss Shirodhara unit. After 16 years or performing Shirodhara in the manual way, we have been LOVING the simplicity and ease of our ShiroBliss. It is absolutely quiet and it keeps the oil at a consistent and perfect temperature. It has been the best investment to our clinic in 18 years. A true work or art, this unit is!!!! 

- Vishnu Das, Blue Lotus Ayurveda

I love how compact the unit is and how little oil it uses, and how easily the cleanup is. There is so much more freedom to focus on the client when we don’t have to worry about the temperature!

—Jennifer, Chopra Center, Spa Director

“I love my ShiroBliss machine and look forward to every shirodara I give because of it! So much gratitude…” 

– Kim Kinjo, California

The ShiroBliss has completely changed the way we do shirodhara in our spa.  We have four machines and they are being used nearly continuously every day.”   

– Clinton Horner, Miraval Resort, Arizona

We LOVE our ShiroBliss! So much easier to use than anything else. Thanks guys and gals!

—Michelle Magid, CAP, PKSVibrance Ayurveda

Shirodhara is a great therapy, but doing it the old fashioned way is frankly a pain in the rear, and difficult to pull off impeccably every time.  The ShiroBliss device takes all the work out of it, and allows me to focus on the client, as opposed to the delivery.  It’s basically pour the oil in, and press a button.  I’ve had mine for probably about 7 years, and it just keeps on working.  Once I left it on accidentally over the weekend, and to my amazement, nothing bad happened.  For shirodhara, this machine is a no brainer.”

– Dr. Jack Ebner, Founder: Omadawn Wellness Center and Yoga Studio, Seal Beach, CA

Dear ShiroBliss- I can’t thank you enough or with more sincerity for creating such an efficient, user-friendly and beautiful piece of equipment. I have administered many Shirodharas in my time and have experienced backaches, temperature regulation complications, laborious cleanup… all sorts of tedious issues that detracted from both the administration of the therapy and the effectiveness of it. Your machine simplifies the technicalities and stabilizes the variables inherent in the therapy as per previously available equipment, allowing both me and clientele to experience deep benefits of the therapy without distraction or interruption. I feel great when I give a ShiroBliss shirodhara! That the materials and labor you use are both sustainable and local is icing on the cake. THANK YOU for a job well done!!

–Tona Leiseth, The Western Vedic, Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist (Idaho) 

“I think that I am in love with my ShiroBliss. I have been doing manual shirodhara for far too long and I realized that I wasn’t recommending them as much because they were such a pain to set-up and clean up. The day after I received my new ShiroBliss unit, I was scheduled to do a shiro first thing in the morning. I had no problems with set-up, it was so simple and the shirodhara was excellent. I’m really loving shirodhara’s now!”

—Monica Tomasi, Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Pancha Karma Specialist

“I love using my ShiroBliss. It allows me to offer an even temperature and quiet experience for my patients without having to hover over them. Fantastic!”

—Jeff Perlman, Three Seasons Ayurveda

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